Top-5 last phrases for a phone conversation

When you finish a phone conversation, you have a few options, including:

последняя фраза

The top four ones are very common.

Созвонимся – you can read more about it here.

Целую – “I kiss” – Kisses!

Пока – Bye! So long!

До встречи – “Until meeting” – Until I see you again! See you!

The fifth one (Ага, давай!) is rather new. It takes a large amount in the graph because the author with a sense of humour notes it is becoming increasingly popular. If you take it into parts, you’ll see it does not really mean much. “Ага” means “yes” and “давай” means “let’s” or “go ahead”. Ага, давай! is a response to other person’s “bye”. So a typical phone call would end like this:

– Пока-пока!

– Ага, давай!

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