When old women decide everything

Today’s slang is БАБКИ (read like *БАПКИ) which means “money”, “dough”, etc. It is plural.

Мне бабки нужны, хотя бы тыщу! – I need dough, at least a thousand.

Sounds and looks the same as “бабки” – “old women”, “grandmothers”, therefore it is a subject of numerous jokes.

One more form is БАБЛО (*БАБЛО) – neuter singular:

Где моё бабло? – Where is my dough?

However, slang words with suffix ЛО are quite strong and stand out in speech more.

A little word play (the last word is ВСЁ – we  don’t always put dots above Ё):

как кандидат

(Word for word) As candidate in presidents (I) will tell straight: during elections бабки decide everything!

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