Colloquial Russian: Да ну его!

You must have heard this colloquial phrase already:

Да ну его! Да ну её! Да ну их!

Sometimes without ДА:

Ну его! Ну её! Ну их!

In both cases, НУ will be very stressed.

It is formed by (ДА) НУ + pronoun (noun) in accusative case. Normally it means the speaker wants to forget about certain people, so it would mean:

Who cares about him? To hell with him! Forget about him! etc (this Russian expression does not have strong/offensive words, so it is quite neutral even though emotional):

– Он не позвонил вчера, хотя обещал! (He did not call yesterday, although promised!)

– Да ну его, он не последний мужчина на свете! (Forget about him! He is not the last man in the world!)


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