How to give urgent orders

I already explained here what Imperative mood is and how we use it to give orders or ask to do anything. That’s considered the most common and neutral way.

Also, among others, we sometimes use

1) infinitives (mostly when talking to dogs and in the army):

Сидеть! (Sit down! – to a dog)

Стоять! (Stop! – for example to a soldier, and what do we know about discipline?).

Master said

Master said, “Sit! Wait”… she will be waiting and hoping but he will not return…

2) past tense (sort of an urgent order, something which was meant to be done “yesterday”, depending on the context can be rude, or show different social levels):

Ключи мне дал! – Keys to me gave! (=Hey you give me the keys right now!!!)

Пошел отсюда! – Went from here! (=Go away!)


Petrov, swam (=swim) to the blackboard!

So don’t trust past forms! They can be an order sometimes.


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