Random words: БРИТЬСЯ/to shave

Men’s word today. Pronounced like БРИЦА.

Not an easy nut to crack, so to be safe it is better to use it as infinitive, if possible. If not, we should remember that it is not type 2 verb (looks like it!) but type 1, so in present, it would look as follows:

бреюсь, бреешься, бреется, бреемся, бреетесь, бреются.

If we remove the reflexive bit СЯ/СЬ, that would mean shaving someone else or shaving a particular part of the body apart from face.

Бриться (imperfective) – побриться (perfective)

Ok, now let’s try to link it with an image and a similar word in English. To me it sounds a lot like brie cheese. So, instead of shaving foam we can use this cheese? =) :


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