Random words: БРИТЬСЯ/to shave

Men’s word today. Pronounced like БРИЦА.

Not an easy nut to crack, so to be safe it is better to use it as infinitive, if possible. If not, we should remember that it is not type 2 verb (looks like it!) but type 1, so in present, it would look as follows:

бреюсь, бреешься, бреется, бреемся, бреетесь, бреются.

If we remove the reflexive bit СЯ/СЬ, that would mean shaving someone else or shaving a particular part of the body apart from face.

Бриться (imperfective) – побриться (perfective)

Ok, now let’s try to link it with an image and a similar word in English. To me it sounds a lot like brie cheese. So, instead of shaving foam we can use this cheese? =) :


Random words: СТАРЫЙ / OLD

In Russian, we often have two forms for adjectives – long and short. For the concept above that would be СТАРЫЙ and СТАР (masculine), СТАРАЯ and СТАРА (feminine), СТАРОЕ and СТАРО (neuter), СТАРЫЕ and СТАРЫ (plural).

Does it remind you anything?:


Slang of the day: ТАЧКА/CAR

Today’s word is ТАЧКА. It’s a slang word for CAR. Sounds a bit like “touch”, doesn’t it?

Где моя тачка?

If we change one letter, it will be ТОЧКА. A useful word meaning 1) a full stop 2) a point.

If we change one letter in the previous word, it will be ПОЧКА (a kidney).

If we change one letter in the previous word, it will be ПОЛКА (a shelf).

To put it all together, it is better to remember an English word “touch” and then play with it:





It’s an easy way to remember 4 words (even though requires a bit of time).



Random words: ДРЕМАТЬ/TO DOZE

You probably remember a similar word – СПАТЬ/to sleep which in Russian sounds a bit like relaxing SPA. No way, you would think, will English DREAM go to waste then? Well, there is a similar word in Russian which sounds like English DREAM.

ДРЕМАТЬ (*ДРИМАТЬ) – imperfective infinitive.

We also know that typically unstressed Е becomes И (as transcribed above), which  makes Russian ДРЕМАТЬ even more like English DREAM. Isn’t it a dream word? And yes, wise books say these words are related as they had the same “granddad”.




The only difficulty with this one, apart from different perception by men and women (refer to the picture below), is letter В which should not be pronounced. Therefore, it will read like *ЧУСТВА.

That was plural. Singular will be ЧУВСТВО (again, no В in pronunciation). As the final vowel here reduces to А (it is not stressed), pronunciation of ЧУВСТВА = ЧУВСТВО (do you remember about В?)

And the verb derived from it will be ЧУВСТВОВАТЬ (you still remember about В?)


By men also there are feelings (Men have feelings also)! For example, we feel hunger.

Its beginning sounds a bit like English “choose” (but with S, not Z). We don’t choose чувства (but we do remember about В)!

Money in the jar

It would not be a surprise for you to hear that Russian word for bank is банк (masculine gender).

Also, we have a similarly pronounced word, but of feminine gender – банка. Means a jar (glass jar for storing).

But in prepositional case, they would take the same forms – банке. So,

Возьми в банке! can mean 1) take (it) in/from bank 2) take it in/from the jar

Я храню деньги в банке!  can mean 1) I keep money in bank 2) I keep money in a jar

в банке

And one more about work (not bank/jar) for more advanced speakers:

Demotivators.to  (when you) work

Source: Demotivators.to     (when) you don’t work – to live not on what (there’s no money for living)     (when) you work – to live there’s no time (there’s not time for living)

ЧЕЛОВЕК/PERSON – Chill love ache

This word is pronounced like ЧИЛАВЕК. Like 3 English words:

Chill love ache (just throw i from last word /eɪk/)

What kind of person would chill you to the core?

Word for word: (the) Most dangerous person - who watches, listens and keeps silence.

Word for word: (the) Most dangerous person (is) that who watches, listens and keeps silence.

Why choose beer

You might already know what’s Russian for beer. It’s ПИВО (read like *ПИВА).

While English word BEER sounds a bit like ВЫБИРАТЬ (to choose). A little word play to remember it:

I choose beer

I choose beer!

One more to practice (think those who offer services will like it):


(word for word) Advertisement – we work: -fast -well (to a good quality) -not expensively Choose 2 out of 3

And if we are talking about ads and quality (this one for dessert):


Stretch ceilings    Price (is) lower than quality!


Friday celebration

The word for today is ПРАЗДНИК (read like *ПРАЗНИК, д just disappears) – just right for Friday!


(Word for word) Friday – celebration not big but regular


Depending on the context, it means a public holiday, bank holiday, celebration, – a special day full of fun, for example in remembrance of something good. In the beginning it sounds like Prague:


Great present

Let’s talk about a few words related to presents.

Дарить – to give something as a present – Что тебе подарить? Я не знаю!

Дар – gift (but quite a high style, better use the word below) or talent.

Подарок – a present (подарки – presents) – read like *ПАДАРЭК.

Do you think dark chocolate is a good present (just make sure you say the Russian РРРРРР sound!)?

Picture: veganstore.com

Picture: veganstore.com