Top-5 last phrases for a phone conversation

When you finish a phone conversation, you have a few options, including:

последняя фраза

The top four ones are very common.

Созвонимся – you can read more about it here.

Целую – “I kiss” – Kisses!

Пока – Bye! So long!

До встречи – “Until meeting” – Until I see you again! See you!

The fifth one (Ага, давай!) is rather new. It takes a large amount in the graph because the author with a sense of humour notes it is becoming increasingly popular. If you take it into parts, you’ll see it does not really mean much. “Ага” means “yes” and “давай” means “let’s” or “go ahead”. Ага, давай! is a response to other person’s “bye”. So a typical phone call would end like this:

– Пока-пока!

– Ага, давай!

Girlfriends and boyfriends

In Russian, there are a few options for these words:

парень*literally “young person”. Doesn’t need to be young. Why? See my previous post.

Of course, there are other words, especially in literature, but they are used less often and have specific shades of meaning. Also, the words above can have other meanings depending on the context.

Seems like “boyfriend” has a lot of options. Is it because women talk much? And a joke:

Wedding. Photographer: - Where is our happy couple? - Here it is: the bride and her mother.

Wedding. Photographer:
– Where is our happy couple?
– Here it is: the bride and her mother.


How to properly interrupt women in Russian

Let’s think today about how to ПЕРЕБИВАТЬ (“interrupt”) women – and do it properly without the risk of offending them. If you have a Russian wife or girlfriend, they will appreciate these three phrases.

(word for word) To interrupt a woman is allowed
only with 3 phrases:
1) I love (you).
2) I will buy (what you want).
3) Yes, I am a fool.

Learn to speak about women in 15 minutes

Below you will find a little graph about women.

The larger font corresponds to key “features” (adjectives) men would generally like to find in women (well, let’s stereotype!).

The smaller font corresponds to the kind of women (nouns) we will see if we mix certain features.

A somewhat ideal woman possessing all three features is in the centre. You can replace her with another woman of your choice.

You can read the graph using the following structure:

Если женщина … и …, то она ….

(If a woman is… and…, then she is…)

If you cannot read the graph yourself, just use the text below and vocabulary.


Почему так трудно найти девушку?

Если женщина богатая и умная, то она старуха.

Если женщина богатая и красивая, то она тусовщица.

Если женщина умная и красивая, то она карьеристка.

Если женщина богатая, красивая, умная, то она… Анжелина Джоли?


трудно – hard

девушка – 1) girlfriend 2) young lady

женщина – woman

богатая – rich

умная – smart

красивая – beautiful

старуха – old woman (rather negative)

тусовщица – party girl (like Paris Hilton!)

карьеристка – ladder climber, a woman who is focused on her career