Slang of the day: ТАЧКА/CAR

Today’s word is ТАЧКА. It’s a slang word for CAR. Sounds a bit like “touch”, doesn’t it?

Где моя тачка?

If we change one letter, it will be ТОЧКА. A useful word meaning 1) a full stop 2) a point.

If we change one letter in the previous word, it will be ПОЧКА (a kidney).

If we change one letter in the previous word, it will be ПОЛКА (a shelf).

To put it all together, it is better to remember an English word “touch” and then play with it:





It’s an easy way to remember 4 words (even though requires a bit of time).



When old women decide everything

Today’s slang is БАБКИ (read like *БАПКИ) which means “money”, “dough”, etc. It is plural.

Мне бабки нужны, хотя бы тыщу! – I need dough, at least a thousand.

Sounds and looks the same as “бабки” – “old women”, “grandmothers”, therefore it is a subject of numerous jokes.

One more form is БАБЛО (*БАБЛО) – neuter singular:

Где моё бабло? – Where is my dough?

However, slang words with suffix ЛО are quite strong and stand out in speech more.

A little word play (the last word is ВСЁ – we  don’t always put dots above Ё):

как кандидат

(Word for word) As candidate in presidents (I) will tell straight: during elections бабки decide everything!

Just smile and plough

In Russian, we have a great slang word for working hard – ПАХАТЬ. It also has a non-slang meaning (to plough). It is regular in the past – ПАХАЛ, ПАХАЛА etc but irregular in present:

Я пашу, ты пашешь, он пашет, мы пашем, вы пашете, они пашут.

Я пашу ночью и днём! – I work hard nights and days!

A great idea for your office:   – (We) smile and work hard (present in WE form can also have some imperative meaning, like an order)

Slang of the day: БУХАТЬ

Remember to consider the environment before using slang words! БУХАТЬ means “to drink alcohol, usually in large quantities” and is quite strong and very (very!) informal:

– Пойдём бухать! (Let’s go and tank up!)

– Я не могу работать: я вчера бухал всю ночь! (I can’t work as I was drinking alcohol yesterday all night)

Therefore, БУХЛО is a slang word for “booze”. БУХОЙ is a slang word for “drunk” (remember to change endings depending on gender).

Knowing this, you will get the joke just like any Russian would:

In Chinese

In Chinese “bad” will be “bu hao”. Coincidence?

Well, now you know a bit of Russian and Chinese!

Slang of the day: БОМЖ

This abbreviation is quite slangy and means a homeless person.

At the end of a word, Ж turns into Ш, so this word is read like *БОМШ. The Ш sound is like in that famous posh car:

One бомж heard

One бомж heard that it is correct (to pronounce) not “Porsch” but “Porsche”. Now he asks to call himself not “Бомж” but “Бомже”.

If at the end of a word after Ж there are vowels, Ж remains Ж.

Slang of the day: ВЕЛИК

The slang meaning of ВЕЛИК is simple: a bike.

Где ты купил такой велик? Where did you buy such a bike?

Sounds like ВЕЛИКИЙ (“great” – about power or important role somebody or something played in the world):

Он великий человек.He is a mighty (grand, master, powerful) person.

Пётр ВеликийPeter the Great

Be careful – we have a short adjective ВЕЛИК – same word but the stress is shifted to the end. Depending on the context can be like I explained above or just “loose” about clothing or footwear. The ending changes depending on the gender:

Это платье мне велико.This dress is loose on me.

Эта рубашка мне велика. – This shirt is loose on me.

Эти туфли мне велики. – These shoes are too big on me.

A word play for smart cookies:


Residents of Britain love bikes, therefore the country is called Великобритания (Great Britain = Bike Britain)

So now you know it can be a bike, somebody great or something loose, just do the stress right!

Slang of the day: КЛАССНЫЙ

Just means ‘cool’! Note it is an adjective, so it requires a person or a thing, like ‘a cool guy’, ‘cool stuff’, etc.

If you want to characterize a verb, you would need an adverb КЛАССНО: она классно пишет, он классно рисует, etc

КЛАССНО can also mean your attitude: Я купил Play Station! – Классно, я тоже хочу!

And a joke:

Wrote (my) CV and burst into tears... I'm so cool...

Wrote (my) CV and burst into tears… I’m so cool…