Visual dictionary: РАБ

Let’s see today how to take one root РАБ and make various words from it. To get a better quality pic, just click on it!

рабAnd a joke:


I think that my colleagues are the same workers as me but a bit worse!

Top-5 last phrases for a phone conversation

When you finish a phone conversation, you have a few options, including:

последняя фраза

The top four ones are very common.

Созвонимся – you can read more about it here.

Целую – “I kiss” – Kisses!

Пока – Bye! So long!

До встречи – “Until meeting” – Until I see you again! See you!

The fifth one (Ага, давай!) is rather new. It takes a large amount in the graph because the author with a sense of humour notes it is becoming increasingly popular. If you take it into parts, you’ll see it does not really mean much. “Ага” means “yes” and “давай” means “let’s” or “go ahead”. Ага, давай! is a response to other person’s “bye”. So a typical phone call would end like this:

– Пока-пока!

– Ага, давай!

Girlfriends and boyfriends

In Russian, there are a few options for these words:

парень*literally “young person”. Doesn’t need to be young. Why? See my previous post.

Of course, there are other words, especially in literature, but they are used less often and have specific shades of meaning. Also, the words above can have other meanings depending on the context.

Seems like “boyfriend” has a lot of options. Is it because women talk much? And a joke:

Wedding. Photographer: - Where is our happy couple? - Here it is: the bride and her mother.

Wedding. Photographer:
– Where is our happy couple?
– Here it is: the bride and her mother.


Random words: ПРОБЛЕМА

Surprisingly, but many students I teach, even though they know that the Russian word “проблема” is feminine, still say “проблем”. Male students like to think it is feminine (they say, “Of course it’s feminine!”) but fail to say it correctly.

Well, here is another reminder:

– Now I will saw her into two parts!
– For what? There was one problem, (now) it will be two!

Those who already know this word well and that ее = её (we don’t always put these dots), can master a more complicated word:

распилить – to saw into parts

пилить – to saw (process)

Russian men like joking that жёны всегда пилят своих мужей (wives are always “sawing” their husbands).

Random words: ОТПУСК

In my previous posts I already covered two great words: ПЯТНИЦА (“Friday”) and ЗАРПЛАТА (“salary”). Let’s add one more and remember again about main advantages of our jobs:


As you probably guessed, ОТПУСК means “(annual) leave, vacations”. An interesting thing: in Russian, just like in English, it has to do with “to let go” (ОТПУСКАТЬ), “to leave”.

Three horrible pieces of news

Across most countries and languages we dislike Mondays and cherish Fridays. Therefore for today:

три ужасные новости

Ужасный – horrible

Новости – news

Пятница – Friday

Сегодня – завтра – послезавтра – Today – tomorrow – the day after tomorrow

Visual dictionary: жирный жираф

For many students it is easier to remember words if they visualize them and create a funny image in their head.

Today’s root to remember is:

Жир – Fat

If we look at the word closely, we will see it sounds a bit like English “giraffe”. In Russian it is “жираф” (and we remember that after Ж we pronounce И like Ы).

So, we have this logical link: Giraffe-Жираф-Жир visualized as a funny and fat (happy!) giraffe.

The family of words would be

Жир – fat (noun).

Жирный – fat, fatty (adjective).

Жировать – to live “fat” life, to live in luxury (verb).

Жирно – fatly, (metaphoric) too much (adverb).