Cyrillic in 90 mins

If you would like to learn basics of reading (letters and sounds) in Russian, I can offer you a special 90 minute lesson by Skype. That’s enough for an average person to understand main concepts (not everything, sorry!), as well as differences between Russian and English.

It’s a one-off Skype lesson without any obligation from you to continue studying with me. Also, you can take extra reading lessons to progress in reading further or polish particular sounds.

Cost: 25 pounds (90 minutes).

Materials: provided.

Platform: Skype.

What’s in the lesson: Letters vs sounds. Russian vs English. Vowels vs consonants. Soft and hard consonants. Voiced and devoiced consonants. Reduction of vowels. Stress. Word. Syllable.

To arrange a lesson, please contact me via

skype        eugenius_rus

email         eugenia at

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