Online prepaid (Skype) lessons:

90 minutes: £25 / €30 (via paypal or UK bank transfer)

Often, lessons which are shorter than this don’t make much sense while lessons longer than this (without break) can be tiring.

I am also happy to book a FREE 45 minute session to get acquainted, discuss your needs and even do a few activities – then you decide if you want to go ahead or not.

Advantages (a whole lot of!):

– No agency fees: it’s just two of us, easy to communicate and easy to pay (you don’t pay for agents!);

– This is my full-time job which I do professionally;

– All materials are provided free of charge;

– Skype lessons are very effective (contrary to what many students would think, just try!);

– Online form allows to keep and share an instant log of everything we cover (through Google Docs service), so you will never lose anything;

– Just 90 mins of your time for each lesson: no need to travel or pay extra for drinks in cafes;

– Full support (even encouraged): feel free to write me emails, ask questions, call me, share funny stuff outside of these 90 minutes;

– Formal invoicing: these lessons can be tax deductible (business expenses) in some cases.

My qualifications:

– Master’s degree in languages*;
– Certificate in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language*;
+ 10 years of teaching experience.

*I can provide you with copies at your request.

Cancellation notice:

If for any reason you would like to re-schedule a lesson, that’s fine, but I would require a 48 h notice.


As a couple of lessons per week is not enough to learn to speak fluently, I will offer you some homework. Its volume will be proportional to your goals. It’s your choice not to do it but this slows everything down and makes it much less effective. The best practice would be sending me your homework at least 24 h before our lesson so that I could check it, focus on your areas for improvement during the lesson and allow more time for new stuff.

What you will need:
– Motivation;
– Skype, microphone and earphones;
– A good Russian dictionary (a book or online);
– Gmail account to access and edit online log;
– Russian keyboard (e.g. onscreen virtual keyboard or stickers);
– Main workbook and audio for it (will be provided). It is recommended to print these materials. Audio materials are for reference and homework.

To inquire about Russian lessons, please submit the form below.

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