Russian Language Day

The 6th of June in Russia is the day of the Russian language. Let’s celebrate it by learning something new! For example:

to congratulate on something, you can use the following pattern:

с + occasion in instrumental case.

C днём русского языка! (C + “day” in instrumental case + related words in genitive, as it corresponds to the of phrase) – “with (=on) day of Russian language!”

Why 6th of June? Because it is Alexander Pushkin’s birthday. He wrote beautiful poems among everything else). For Russian he is just as important as is Shakespeare for English).

С днём рождения! – “with (=on) day of birthday!”


Haven’t learned Pushkin’s poems by heart yet? No problem, can be fixed by a little cheating.


March 8th in Russia

Восьмое марта – women’s day celebrated annually. If you consider this unfair and wonder about men, just check this post.

A special and hard day for men who struggle with presents and buy same things all the time. Many women consider themselves free from cleaning and cooking, so men just have to take over.

The spirit of the holiday is expressed in the pictures below:


Picture:    8th of March is a sad day…1 day a year


Picture:     Be silent woman! Your day is 8th of March!

Forgot about 8th of March?

Picture:    Forgot about 8th of March?

C восьмым марта!

February 23rd in Russia

The Fatherland Defender’s Day is an official holiday in Russia celebrated every year on February 23rd. Considered a men’s day, so every man or boy, being potential or present defenders in Russia, receive congratulations and various presents from women.

Women in their turn have their own women-only day (8th of March) when they receive congratulations and presents from men.

Great holidays but they cause lots of pain as many men and women struggle with ideas for presents. Traditionally, men receive grooming and personal care kits (which many of them are dreading) while women typically receive flowers, perfume and chocolates. Such presents are always subjects of numerous jokes in the “gift battle” between men and women.

A joke about childish men:

23rd of February

23rd of February: feel yourself a man 1 day a year

And about presents:

скорее бы

(I wish) the 23rd of February (comes) faster, because I have run out of shampoo