When ОДИН (one) can be a crowd

Сегодня пятница! Это как маленькая суббота. It’s Friday today! It’s like a little Saturday. Feels like taking some time off? Hopefully, it does not affect your Russian and you continue doing something (let it be small) every day. Today’s motivational picture is taken from a great website Фитнес для мозга (Fitness for brain). Let’s be inspired and learn the following structure:

Один… другой (one… the other…)

У вас есть

Word-for-word: There are only 2 days in year when you cannot nothing have done. One of them is called yesterday and the other – tomorrow. (There are only 2 days a year when you can’t do anything. One of them…)

Act today! Yes, день is masculine, therefore we say один and другой. But what shall we do with other genders? Well,

Одна… другая (one… the other…) – feminine

Одно… другое (one… the other…) – neuter

Одни… другие – plural, any gender

Wait, but how can ONE be plural? That’s possible in Russian. When we say одни, we refer to a few people and mean:

1) ‘only’: там были одни мужчины – only men were there

2) ‘some, unknown’: одни мужчины любят блондинок, другие – брюнеток – some men like blondes, some brunettes

4) ‘alone’ (with verb): мы жили одни – we lived alone

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